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Our solid cast iron, commercial grade Kettlebells are finished with a sandblast matte powder coated finish to enhance grip during intense workouts.  


  • Available in a range of weights from 4kg to 32kg
  • Powder coated matte black finish with colour bands to easily recognise weight catagories
  • Comfortable easy grip handle with matte sandblast finish to assist even the sweatest workouts
  • Designed with a flat base to prevent rolling
  • Extermely durable and hardwearing
  • Additional kg and lb markings on rear for easy identification
  • Dimensions (length x height x width (mm):
  • 4kg: L160 x H165 x W75
  • 6kg: L176.5 x H188.5 x W90
  • 8kg: L176 x H201.5 x W100
  • 10kg: L183.5 x H116 s W110
  • 12kg: L177 x H226 x W120
  • 16kg: L195 x H240 x W125
  • 18kg: L197 x H244.5 x W150
  • 20kg: L203 x H249 x W155
  • 24kg: L215 x H266 x W170
  • 28kg: L240 x H290 x W160
  • 32kg: L240H x 300 x W190


SKU: 0046
VAT Included

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