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Sold as a set of 12 pairs of Hex dumbbell weights in 2.5kg increments.  


Iron Fit Gear Hex Dumbbells are the highest qulaity available on the marketplace; made from solid cast steel, designed with chrome plated knurled handles for great grip and shock absorbent rubber coated dumbbell heads to protect your floor.


Many Hex Dumbbells looks the same, but our weights are made of solid steel sections; we friction weld the handles to the weight in each side of the dumbbell. This means your dumbbell ends will never drop off as can happen with press-fit dumbbells after prolonged and repeated abuse in a commercial functional training environment.  Cheaper market versions of hex weights can be made of mulitple scrap pieces of iron welded together which makes the dumbbells more fragile and less reliable.


Weight Tolerance: +/- 3%. 


12 pair set of hex weights includes;


  • 2.5kg pair
  • 5kg pair
  • 7.5kg pair
  • 10kg pair
  • 12.5kg pair
  • 15kg pair
  • 17.5kg pair
  • 20kg pair
  • 22.5kg pair
  • 25kg pair
  • 27.5kg pair
  • 30kg pair


Total Weight = 390kg


***Please note a 'bulk' weight delivery charge of £75 applies at checkout to this product***


VAT Included

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